What is Code42 CrashPlan?

Code42 CrashPlan is a cloud-based enterprise solution that automatically backs-up your data.

How do I get it installed on my computer?

Code42 CrashPlan should already be installed on your computer. Please contact ORIS for technical support: https://research.utdallas.edu/help

How often does a backup occur?

By default, Code42 CrashPlan protects new file versions every 15 minutes.

How long does it take to back up my computer?

It typically only take a few minutes. However, if you are backing up for the first time, i.e. transferring data to a new device, it may take longer. 

How far back is data stored?

  • For one week, keep a version: Every 15 minutes
  • After one week, keep a version: Every day
  • After 90 days, a version is kept: Every week
  • After one year, a version is kept: Every month
  • Deleted files are removed: After 90 days

How can I restore backed-up data?

Data can be restored using the Code42 application console by signing in with your NetID and password. For more information, refer to the document: https://support.code42.com/CrashPlan/6/Restoring/Download_files_from_the_Code42_app

Can I transfer my backed-up data when I move to a new computer?

Yes, ORIS will transfer your data using Code42 CrashPlan to your new computer. For more information, refer to the document: https://support.code42.com/CrashPlan/6/Configuring/Replace_your_device

Does Code42 CrashPlan have to be open in order to backup data?

No, as long as you are signed into Windows/MacOS, CrashPlan automatically runs in the background.

How do I know if Code42 CrashPlan is backing up my data?

You will receive a weekly e-mail which details the status of your backup. If your computer does not show a back-up status of 100%, please contact ORIS at: https://research.utdallas.edu/help

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