Reviewers may leave comment on various sections within the submission. The submission will be returned to investigators to address these comments.

Sections with unresolved comments have a comment bubble icon indicating the total number of unresolved comments in that section. Click on the section to see which questions have a comment attached.

Depending on how far the submission progressed, you may see comments from the Analyst, your Organizational Approver, or from the member(s) reviewing the submission.

Addressing Comments

  1. Click on the numbered comment bubble to view the unaddressed comments associated with each question. 

  2. Click Reply. Enter your reply and click Save

  3. Once you have resolved an issue, change the status drop-down from   to .


You must mark all comments as addressed before the submission can be completed.

Once all comments on the submission have been addressed and the submission has been completed, the PI will need to re-certify the submission to return it to the Analyst.

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