When a study is first imported from a previous IRB system into Cayuse IRB, it will not have any study specific information associated with it. If the Principal (or Co-Principal) Investigator wishes to continue working with the study, they must first create a Legacy submission. The Legacy submission should represent the study as currently approved.  If changes are needed, a modification request can be submitted after the Legacy application is finalized.

Once the Legacy submission is finalized, the PI can create additional submissions such as a modification, renewal, incident, or closure and work with the study as you would any other study in Cayuse IRB.

Creating a Legacy Submission

When you first open an imported study, the only available submission type will be Legacy submission. Click Legacy beneath New Submission to proceed.

The Key Contacts tab indicates which individuals have access to a study and the ability to enter information into the Legacy application. 

See the “Adding Study Personnel to Legacy Studies” below for information on how to give individuals access to the study.

The Legacy submission is created similarly to the Initial submission, but will use a Legacy template instead of an Initial template. To access the Legacy forms, click Edit.

Note: You may see that some of the data, such as the Principal Investigator, is pre-populated within the submission form. You must save the form in order for these changes to be remembered.

When you are finished editing the forms and every section has a green check mark next to it, click Complete to finalize the Legacy submission. The PI can then create additional submissions for this study, such as renewal, modification, incident, or closure submissions. 


Adding Study Personnel to Legacy Studies

If an individual who needs access to the study is not listed on the Key Contacts tab of a study, please contact the IRB Office to request your study(ies) are re-uploaded into Cayuse.  The IRB Office will need the following information:

  • IRB number (IRB 20-20)
  • Principal Investigator Name
  • Names for individuals who need to be added
  • Role of the individuals (Primary Contact or Investigator)
  • NetIDs for all individuals who need to be added

Please note the following when requesting a study be re-loaded:

  • There can only be one individual designated as the Primary Contact. All other individuals would need to be added as Investigators.
  • If a Legacy application has been initiated, all information entered in that Legacy application will be lost when the study is re-loaded into Cayuse.

Alternatives to the re-load process:  Individuals who are approved as Study Personnel on Legacy studies but who do not have access to view it in Cayuse can be added after the Legacy application is finalized.  Once the Legacy application is submitted, a Modification request can be completed to add a Primary Contact or Investigators. 

The Legacy submission is created similarly to the Initial submission, but will use a Legacy template instead of an Initial template. To access the Legacy forms, click Edit.

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