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Effective October 12, 2020 the Office of Research authorized resumption of in-person procedures involving research participants. However, IRB approval is required before data collect can begin. To obtain IRB approval, a protocol modification must be submitted via Cayuse to resume in-person human subjects research. Below are instructions for submitting this modification request:

  • Login to Cayuse and select the appropriate study.
  • Click on the blue “New Submission” button in the right corner of the Study Details page and select Modification.

  • Complete the modification form and indicate the modificationis to requestIRB approval to resume in-person procedures and add the COVID-19 risk mitigation measures to the study.
  • Click on the Procedures section, select the “ARHSR” boxlocated mid-page, and complete the questions forresuming research during COVID-19.

Please contact the IRB Office if you have any questions.

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