How to use Survey Stop Actions

The Stop Survey action will prompt the survey participant to end the survey when a specific answer is given. The stop survey action is available on Drop-down List, Radio Buttons, Multiple Answers, Yes/No, and True/False field types.

Once you have created one of the field types listed above and you have your data collection instrument set up as a survey, you will see a Stop Sign icon.

To add the Stop Survey logic, click on the Stop Sign icon. The Stop Survey logic box will appear. Select the answer choice that should prompt the survey participant to end the survey and click Save.


In this example, I want the survey participant to be prompted when they click No.

Notice that once the Stop Survey logic is set up, the text appears next to the answer choice that will end the survey.

When the participant takes the survey and they answer No, they will receive the following message. The message is hardcoded and cannot be changed. The participant can either choose to “End the survey now” which would take them to the Survey Acknowledgment text or they can choose “Continue survey and undo last response”.