Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) is a secure web application used to collect research data, create robust surveys/forms, and manage online databases. Make use of REDCap survey features such as automated survey invitations, branching logic, field validation, and more. Developed by Vanderbilt University, REDCap is a consortium-based application that is free to use by the UT Dallas community. Visit our Data Management website to learn more. 

The Data Management team provides REDCap office hours throughout the week via Teams; refer to the schedule below. Come ready with questions, and one of our REDCap experts will be happy to assist.  

Click to view our current office hours.  

Getting Started

Glossary of Definitions

Project Workflow

Project Types

Log-in to REDCap 

Create a project in 5 minutes

Project Management

Project Organization

Project Settings

Project Status (Development, Production, Analysis/Cleanup, Archival)

Copy, Upload, and Download a Project

Transfer a Qualtrics Project into REDCap

General Survey Projects

Longitudinal Projects

Repeating Instruments


Create a Form or Survey

Online Designer

Forms vs Surveys

Create, Copy, and Delete an Instrument

Data Dictionary

Shared Library


Add Fields


Branching Logic

Action Tags

Field Embedding


Exploring the Calc/Date Diff Field

Survey Stop Actions

Survey Settings

How to use Next Page/Section Break

How to Save & Return Later

Survey Completion Text

Save a PDF Copy of a Survey Response

Send Survey to Participants

Public URL

Participant List

Add Participants En Masse


Alerts & Notifications

Survey Queue

Surveys Only Accessible with Password

Add Custom Unique Identifiers

Data Management

Data Quality



Data Exports


Using the REDCap API

User Rights

External Modules

External Module List

Request External Module

Using CSS to customize your survey

Determine how to inject UTD Logo

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