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  1. Select Research Personnel. PIs can select up to 4 research personnel that will be designated for in-person contact with human subjects (HSR Personnel).  PIs must email with the Name and NetID’s of their research personnel selection and request the number of existing campus time slots to be re-designated as active human subject research slots.
  2. Consent. COVID-19 testing is performed by UTSW and individual consent to share the results is required. Therefore, after the selection process, designated HSR Personnel will be contacted via email with a link to a questionnaire and the consent form. HSR Personnel must complete the questionnaire and sign a consent form in order to conduct in-person human subjects procedures. The consent form will only need to be signed one time while the HSR Personnel is designated to run in-person human subjects experiments, regardless of the number of times the HRS Personnel is tested.
  3. Designating Expected Contact with Human Participants. Each lab is limited to 3 COVID-19 tests a week for HSR Personnel (Lab PI + 2 additional research personnel). HSR Personnel must be tested for COVID-19 once every week that they intend to come in contact with human subjects.* After a research participant is scheduled for an in-person study session with a PI’s lab, this session must be added to the Lab Resources Scheduler (LRS) using the human subjects research slots added in item #1 above. Note: these research slots are meant to indicate HSR Personnel’s expected contact with human subjects and do not actually schedule an appointment with a human participant.
  4. HRS Personnel Testing Appointments. HRS Personnel will schedule their respective COVID-19 testing appointments in LRS using (name of resource) slot. The testing slots are scheduled on an individual basis and are timed so only one HRS Personnel will be tested at any one time.
  5. Testing Results. Results will typically be available within 12 – 24 hours of testing. If the COVID-19 test results are negative, then the HRS Personnel may proceed to their previously scheduled appointments with human subjects. If the test results are positive, the research personnel will be contacted by the COVID-19 coordinator and should NOT proceed to their human subjects’ appointments. Participant appointments will be rescheduled or an alternate lab HSR Personnel assigned to run the participant.
  6. Repeat. Steps 3 – 5 shall be repeated each week that a PI plans to run in-person human subjects experiments at UTD.

    * There are two locations available for testing (Brain Health & Campus). More info on testing.

    ** Example of human subjects time slot vs COVID-19 test appoint time slot


    It is recommended that a PI divides their 4 research personnel into “A” “B” teams to take turns coming in-person contact with human subjects. For example, in the case of an unexpected event such as a positive COVID-19 test from team A, team B would still be operationally available.

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