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Once a researcher has completed the process to obtain authorization to access the Optum COVID-19 data, they have created a TACC account, and provided with their TACC account details, they will be able to access the data using a SCP/SFTP Client or a Database Client.  


If your account was just created, and/or you were just added to the project, please wait 30 minutes before attempting to connect to the server.

  1. Open a SCP/SFTP Client such as FileZilla or WinSCP

  2. Connect to the TACC server:
    1. Host:
    2. User: TACC username
    3. Logon Type: Interactive

  3. Enter the password you use to access TACC and then enter the TACC token as part of multi-factor authorization. 

  4. Once you have successfully connected to the server, navigate to the following file path to access the data: /work/projects/uthealth-covid/rawdata

Database Client

Researchers have the option to connect directly to an SQL database to access the data. Please contact for instructions.