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Add/Edit Records:                This module allows researcher to an existing record/response by selecting it from the drop-down lists or create a new record/response.

Alerts & Notifications:         Allows you to create and send customized email notifications to your participants.


Project Dashboard:            It is a dashboard that displays the existing records and status of the instruments within that project.

Project Home:                    This page provides general dashboard information, such as a list of all users with access to this project, general project statistics, and upcoming calendar events.

Project Revision History:   This page lists information about major changes and revisions that were made to the project.

Project Role:                       Project Role consists of categories of different roles which are undertaken by users who work on a clinical                                                           research project collaboratively. 

Project Setup:                     This page consists of multiple settings that can be enabled/disabled for a project.

Record:                                A record is a set of information that is filled by the user in a form.


Survey Distribution Tools: It consists of three tabs; Public Survey Link, Participant List, and Survey Invitation Log that helps user to distribute the survey.

Survey Invitation Log:       This page lists the survey invitations that have already been sent or have been scheduled to be sent to survey participants within a project.

Survey Login:                      This compels the participant to log in before completing the survey.