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UT Dallas Links “shortens” a URL link to make it more accessible.

Request Access

  1. To request access to UT Dallas Links, please email
  2. ORIS will contact you with a username and password.
  3. Navigate to and log-in. Be sure to change your password when logging-in for the first time.


Create a


Short Link

  1. Insert the full URL of the link you want to shorten into the designated box.
  2. To customize the new short link, click on the button “Link Options”. This will allow you to:
    1. Insert the shortened name desired (also known as the “link ending”)
    2. Make a link public or private (searchable or not searchable)
    3. Determine the availability
  3. Click the button ‘shorten’ to create the link.

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  4. Copy the new URL, create a QR code, or make another link.