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Please view the UT Dallas COVID-19 page for the latest policy and process information: For research specific questions, email

IT equipment policies

As we all work to determine remote/hybrid/on-campus work schedules, below is some clarification on how IT equipment will be allocated to enable our multiple work modalities:

  • Each remote/hybrid eligible employee will be provided a laptop, dock headset, standard peripherals, and two monitors
  • This equipment is to be setup in your primary work location (where you will work from 3+ days a week) whether remote or on-campus
  • Hotel space will be made available on campus with a shared dock, standard peripherals, and two monitors for use by those primarily or fully remote.
  • All University IT purchases of computers, docks, and monitors must be approved by ORIS so we can properly track inventory and leverage quantity pricing.

Available hotel spaces

  • Administration Building
    • 3.
    • USB-C Dock and 2 monitor
  • 3.204N
  • 3.204L
    • USB-C Dock and 2 monitors
  • 3.204K
  • 3.202J
    • 204
      • Cube 3
      • Cube 4
    • 3.218
      • Office E
      • Cube 21
      • Cube 23
      • Cube 24
      • Cube 25
      • Cube 26
      • Cube 27

Using Robin to reserve hotel spaces

Visit and login with your SSO NetID and Password.

The first time you login you will need to accept Robin's Terms of Service and their GDPR policies.

Once you are logged in you can click "Office" at the top left and it should take you to AD 3rd floor and you will see a map of the available hotel desks.

Image RemovedImage Added

Use the date and time boxes to change the time you would like to reserve a desk for and the map will be updated to reflect availability for that time

Click on a green desk to book now or reserve for a future use.

You will receive an email confirming the booking as well as a reminder email before you booking starts.

Please check in / confirm your reservation up to 12 hours before your reservation starts or it will be released and made available to others to book.

Below is a how-to video of the entire process.

View file