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SciENcv os am Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae (SciENcv) is an online tool in the My NCBI platform that allows a researcher to create funder specific biosketches.

Create an Account

Access SciENcv through an NCBI account

SciENcv is a module of NCBI/widget

  1. Uses My Bibliography
  1. Link to external account to import infoNavigate to (insert here) and sign in and click "Register for an account"...
  2. If you have an account, sign in.
  3. Scroll and find the SciENcv "widget" in the main menu.

Create a Biosketch

  1. Mini Profile
  2. My Bibliography
    1. Make public link to all citations
  3. Link External Accounts
    1. ORCID
    2. eRA Commons
    3. How much does it import, is it a live import?
  4. How to create a biosketch
  5. Standard name situation “mini profile”
  6. ScratchCreate from scratch, external, duplicate
    1. Fill in details…Saved Details are saved automaticallyExporting the Biosketch