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titleRegarding contact tracing:

Every individual must maintain and regularly update a list of substantive and known face-to-face contacts that they have had during the preceding two weeks (i.e., lab members they interact with on a daily basis, human subjects they came in contact with during study procedures, etc.). In the case of a coronavirus infection, this list should be made available to university personnel or community health officials. 

As more robust contact tracing solutions become available, additional information will be provided to the UT Dallas community. Utilizing these resources will be strongly encouraged as they will be a key strategy for preventing further spread of COVID-19. 

Hygiene Health & Safety

titleWill UTD be able to supply people with hand sanitizers, wipes, disinfectant, masks, gloves? 

We are trying to acquire PPE supplies centrally and allow returning personnel to request masks and other supplies from a central supply, however, a lot of these supplies are on backorder. 

The first line of defense against virus transmission is distance. If that is not possible, then appropriate PPE should be worn. Please consult with