To submit your poster design to the Research Showcase poster competition, please follow all of the instructions below. Note that the instructions apply towards different instances of the competition, such as Summer 2020, Fall 2020, etc. 


  1. Navigate to In the top right, click the button "Sign In".

  2. Select the option "Sign in through institution" to sign-in using your UT Dallas NetID and password. 

  3. Scroll and select "The University of Texas at Dallas". Once selected, click the sign-in button.

  4. Sign-in using your UT Dallas NetID and password. 

  5. You will be re-directed to Click on the project that is titled specifically for the competition relevant to you. The title will be in the following format: "(Year and Semester) Research Showcase Poster Competition". For example, if you are competing in the 2020 Fall competition, then you would select the "2020 Fall Research Showcase Poster Competition".

Request Access

  1. Click the three ellipses and select "request access" to the project. Please wait a period of 1 business day to be granted permission.

  2. Once added, you will receive a notification email that your request has been granted.

Upload File & Copy Unique URL

  1. In the top second bar, click 'Files' and select the 'OSF Storage' location.

  2. In the top, click the button that says 'Upload' and choose a file. Be sure that your file is named with the following name conventionLAST NAME, FIRST NAME - UT Dallas - (Year and Semester) Poster Competition

  3. Click on your file and copy the URL; this is a unique link to your file and should not be confused with the link provided in the share button. Place this link in the description of your YouTube video presentation.

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