Creating a New Submission

To create a new submission click on "New Submission".

Creating an Initial Submission

After you create a new study, you can begin completing forms for your initial submission by clicking on New Submission, and then clicking Initial from the drop-down menu.

Submission information will populate beneath the Submission Details tab. The person who creates the study is added as the Primary Contact by default, but this can be changed when editing the submission.  Make sure to not remove yourself from all roles and Save, or you will not be able to access your submission once you leave.

Click on Edit to begin your submission forms. You will always be able to return to your incomplete submission by clicking this button.

Once on your institution's initial submission form, you can return to the Submission Details page by clicking on Study in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Use the  buttons to toggle between sections. You can also click on a section name in the menu at left to jump to that section.

Completing Submission Forms

There are several types of questions that your institution may have chosen to include on the submission forms:

Please note: Some questions have  next to the question number. This indicates a required question.

Sections with unsaved changes have an asterisk next to the section name.

To save your changes, click  in the upper right-hand corner.

Help with Questions

If there is help text for a question, you can click on the button to view the additional information for that question.

Once there are green check marks next to all of your sections, you have completed the submission forms and are ready for routing.

Please note: If one of your sections doesn't have a check mark and you aren't sure why, search the section for any required questions you may have missed.  

With every section completed, you can complete your submission and send it to the PI for certification.

Please note:  Human Ethics will warn you with a red lock icon if another user is currently editing a section. You won't be able to edit that section until they're done with their edits.