Guideline Charge

Participant Support


Participant support costs are those direct costs paid to (or on behalf of) participants or trainees (not employees) for participation in meetings, conferences, symposia, workshops, and/or other training projects when there is a category for participant support costs in the award.

Guideline Statement

Participant support is allowable as a direct cost when the sponsor (federal or non-federal agency) funds a project aimed at supporting outreach programs. These programs aim to bring experts together to discuss research, education findings, or to expose other researchers or students to new research and education techniques. Funding provided by the sponsor may include those categories of expenses.

Guidelines for Participant Support

Proposal Preparation

Participant support costs may include the following expenses:

Supplies and manuals – only those directly attributable to individual participantsThe following expenses, except when specifically allowed by the award, should not be processed as participant support costs:


Stipends or Subsistence Allowances

To help defray the costs of personal maintenance while participating in a conference or training activity, participants may be paid a stipend, per diem or subsistence allowance, based on the type and duration of the activity, as outlined in the pertinent program solicitation and in the grant.

Travel Allowances

PI Responsibility

The PI and his/her project staff should be familiar with the specific requirements set forth by the sponsor and are expected to insure compliance with those requirements. In addition to the financial restrictions noted above, the PI/department is also required to retain records detailing:

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Issued: June 2015