Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae (SciENcv) is an online tool in the My NCBI platform which allows researchers to create funder specific biosketches.

To make the most use out of SciENcv, it is highly encouraged to link your account to 3rd party resources such as ORCID, NSF, eRACommons, etc. This creates a chain of information and will help you avoid re-entering the same information multitudes of times. 

Access SciENcv

GIF displays how to sign-in through the SciENcv info page. 

Create an NCBI Account

  1. Navigate to and in the top right corner, click "Sign in to NCBI".
  2. Scroll down and click "Register for an NCBI account"
  3. You can now access SciENcv by scrolling down on the My NCBI dashboard and finding the SciENcv "widget".
  4. As an alternative, you can access 

Develop a Biosketch

Initial Setup

It is highly encouraged to  develop a wholesome and up-to date list of citations in either My Bibliography or in ORCID. Linking your SciENcv account to ORCID, for example, provides a level of quality insurance that information is constant across multiple platforms. Don't have an ORCID account? Click here for more information. 

My Bibliography

Users can add citations into their biosketch from the My Bibliography section in the My NCBI platform. The MY Bibliography section also feeds citations to eRA Commons.

  1. To add a citation, navigate to the My Bibliography Dashboard and click "Manage my Bibliography.
  2.  Click the "Add citations" drop down and choose to add a citation from PubMed or Manually
  3. Note that My Bibliography and ORCID do not sync with each-other. To import information from an ORCID account to My Bibliography, you must export a BibTeX file from ORCID and import it into My Bibliography. 


  1. To add an ORCID, edit the user profile section and click "Add your ORCID ID to this profile?".

  2. An ORCID window prompt will ask you to authorize the link. Verify and sign-in to ORCID using your NetID and password. 

eRA Commons

  1. To link an eRA Commons account, click on you profile name in the top right bar of the NCBI page. 
  2. Once selected, you will see account details and what accounts you have linked to. Click "Change" and search for eRA Commons. 
  3. Select eRA commons, and you will be navigated to sign-IN into eRA commons. Singing-in will establish the link.
  4. Alternatively, sign-in into NCBI using eRA Commons log-in credentials and follow the prompted My NCBI instructions. 

User Profile

Basic and standard biography information.

Create a Biosketch



First, be sure that you have authorized ORCID as a trusted connection. Click here to see how. If you have already done so, be sure that in ORCID, the visibility settings for the information is set at either "everyone" or "trusted parties", and not at "only me". 

Biography Information imported into a Biosketch only happens once. However, it is possible to refresh a list of citations from ORCID if any changes are made there.

They cannot be imported, or linked, directly. However, it is possible to download a BibTeX file from My Bibliography and import it into ORCID.

They cannot be imported, or linked, directly. However, it is possible to download a BibTeX file from ORCID and import it into My Bibliography. It is important to note that a list of citations CAN be updated in SciENcv from ORCID if the accounts are linked. 

Additional Resources

SciENcv Helpdesk: