Invite external participants, or guests, to a Teams meeting that are not part of your organization (in this case, UT Dallas). Without a login, and without having to download the Teams application, guests can participate in a meeting with the following abilities:



Invite a Guest

Invite a guest the same way you would invite someone from your organization.

  1. In the Teams app, under the Calendar section, create a “New Meeting”.
  2. Enter a participant’s email address in the box “Add required attendees.
    1. Although participants can use a phone to dial-in into a meeting, note that you can’t invite anyone using a phone-number; an email is required.
  3. Fill in any relevant meeting details and click “Save” to send the invite.
  4. If you need to edit the meeting to update add/remove participants, change the time, or adjust meeting details, the “Save” button will appear as “Send Update”. After clicking “Send Update”, a guest will be notified of the change via email. Guests will have to re-accept the invite if the time is changed.
  5. Note that invites can also be sent via Outlook if the Teams integration is enabled.

Accepting an Invitation as a Guest

Joining a Meeting as a Guest

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