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*Welcome to the new FAQ! The old faq is in the process of being migrated to this new space.

The topics in this FAQ are not necessarily limited to technical queries. Sections can be created for each of the departments within our University. Individual departments may maintain information here by requesting faq-admin authority from

Here are some examples of information that can be maintained through the FAQ..

  • Bursar: "how do I find out how much my classes will cost?"
  • Computer Science: What percentage of your students drop out because of Calculus?
  • Arts: where do I go to find out what productions are being put on this semester?
  • Humanities: What is the philosophical worldview of your philosophy prophessors?
  • Information Resources: How do I setup my PDA on the wireless network?
  • Unix: How can I recover files from the nightly backups?
  • Records: How do I let the University know I changed my name?

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