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The following is an instruction set for connecting to UTDGuest, an unencrypted wireless network here at UT Dallas. You may click on a screen shot below to view it in full size.

Windows XP Wireless Indicators

In your system tray, usually the lower right hand corner of the screen, you should find an icon that matches one of the following. These give insight to the state of your wireless connection. Note that only one of these icons should be visible at any given time.

Disconnected from any wireless networks.
Connecting to a wireless network.
Connected, no data transferring.
Connected, data transferring.

The last two icons are more one in the same, the light will alternate between the two.

Connecting to UTDGuest

Step1) Double click Wireless Network Connection into your system tray.

Step2) Select UTDGuest from the available wireless networks and click Connect.

Step3) A message will appear explaining that you're connecting to an unencrypted network. The UTDGuest wireless network is not encrypted, so click Connect Anyway.

Step4) The connection process should be quick. Once connected, you should see Connected beside the UTDGuest wireless network in Wireless Network Connections.

Step5) You are connected at this point and may browse the internet. When you open your internet browser, you will have to click Accept, after reading the page top to bottom.

Step6) You're now free to roam the internet.

This page will redirect you to the initial page you attempted to access after connecting to UTDGuest.

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